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  • Lightboxes

    Lightboxes can provide an affordable solution that really stands out from the crowd, particularly in busy or dark areas at night.

    • Restaurant Signage
    • Banking Signage
    • Corporate Signage
    • Shop Signage
    • Backlit Signage
    • Hotel Signage
    • Station Canopy Signs

    Light Boxes

    [img src=https://craftworksigns.ie/wp-content/flagallery/light-boxes/thumbs/thumbs_fade-street-social-menu.jpg]Fade St. Social.
    Aged copper effect menu box with internal LED illumination
    [img src=https://craftworksigns.ie/wp-content/flagallery/light-boxes/thumbs/thumbs_15122010227.jpg]Fret Cut Light Box
    [img src=https://craftworksigns.ie/wp-content/flagallery/light-boxes/thumbs/thumbs_thunderoad-cafe.jpg]Thunder Road Café
    Light Box with build up Mirror finish stainless steel letters mounted to the faces.
    [img src=https://craftworksigns.ie/wp-content/flagallery/light-boxes/thumbs/thumbs_bagel-factory.jpg]Full Polished Acrylic Light Box
    [img src=https://craftworksigns.ie/wp-content/flagallery/light-boxes/thumbs/thumbs_costa-coffee.jpg]
    Fret Cut Light box with internal illumination
    [img src=https://craftworksigns.ie/wp-content/flagallery/light-boxes/thumbs/thumbs_img_0528.jpg]Butler Di - Bond
    Fret cut light box with flat cut letters mounted to face.
    [img src=https://craftworksigns.ie/wp-content/flagallery/light-boxes/thumbs/thumbs_dsc07370.jpg]Evolved Energy Solutions
    Acrylic light box with colour change (RGB) LED's
    [img src=https://craftworksigns.ie/wp-content/flagallery/light-boxes/thumbs/thumbs_dsc07372.jpg]Evolved Energy Solutions
    Acrylic light box with colour change (RGB) LED's
    [img src=https://craftworksigns.ie/wp-content/flagallery/light-boxes/thumbs/thumbs_dsc07374.jpg]Evolved Energy Solutions
    Acrylic light box with colour change (RGB) LED's
    [img src=https://craftworksigns.ie/wp-content/flagallery/light-boxes/thumbs/thumbs_p3310814.jpg]Charlestown Shopping Centre
    Fret cut light box with acrylic pushed through letters Internally illuminated with Green LED.
    [img src=https://craftworksigns.ie/wp-content/flagallery/light-boxes/thumbs/thumbs_p3310816.jpg]Charlestown Shopping Centre
    Fret cut light box with acrylic pushed through letters Internally illuminated with Green LED.
    [img src=https://craftworksigns.ie/wp-content/flagallery/light-boxes/thumbs/thumbs_04032011272_0.jpg]McCabes Pharmacy
    Fret cut light box with pushed through 10mm opal perspex letters
    [img src=https://craftworksigns.ie/wp-content/flagallery/light-boxes/thumbs/thumbs_03032011271_0.jpg]McCabes Pharmacy
    Fret cut light box with pushed through 10mm opal perspex letters
    [img src=https://craftworksigns.ie/wp-content/flagallery/light-boxes/thumbs/thumbs_05092008013_0.jpg]GAA Cúl Green Campaign
    Light box with layered polished acrylic, to show a top down view or Croke Park.
    [img src=https://craftworksigns.ie/wp-content/flagallery/light-boxes/thumbs/thumbs_16122009159_0.jpg]Beacon Hospital
    20' X 10' Flex face lightbox.
    [img src=https://craftworksigns.ie/wp-content/flagallery/light-boxes/thumbs/thumbs_days-hotel.jpg]Days Hotel (Park West)
    [img src=https://craftworksigns.ie/wp-content/flagallery/light-boxes/thumbs/thumbs_dsc06581.jpg]Circular Projecting Light boxes
    Built to Order in any size and colour
    [img src=https://craftworksigns.ie/wp-content/flagallery/light-boxes/thumbs/thumbs_dsc06583.jpg]Circular Projecting Light Box
    450mm diameter shown and colour
    [img src=https://craftworksigns.ie/wp-content/flagallery/light-boxes/thumbs/thumbs_p1010586.jpg]UPS (Tallaght)
    [img src=https://craftworksigns.ie/wp-content/flagallery/light-boxes/thumbs/thumbs_circular-light-box.png]

    Lightboxes & Illuminated Signage

    Lightboxes are illuminated signs that are available in standard square, rectangular or circular formats or to customized and intricate shapes and sizes to suit any logo and application. We use modern extruded aluminium sections for straight line finished boxes in both anodized or powder coated finish to customers colour specification. Customized and Fret Cut lightboxes are cut with our state of the art CNC machinery to ensure optimal visual effect. Face finishing can be achieved in fret cut aluminium, stainless steel, acrylic or translucent flexible printed PVC on larger scale projects.


    Why Lightboxes & Illuminated Signage?

    Lightboxes and Illuminated signage have a number of key benefits over more traditional mounted signs. Lightboxes and Illuminated signage are generally seen as a highly visible form of signage, using high quality materials like stainless steel, or powder coated aluminium to give a matte or glossy look. High intensity, low energy LED lights installed using our refined process to illuminate our lightboxes. Lightboxes and Illuminated signage present your business in a high impact and professional manner. Lightboxes and Illuminated signs capture peoples attention, making it easier for them to find your business, or be aware of your presence in their everyday commutes (particularly for business to business firms)


    Our Bespoke Service

    We can spec, design and manufacture high quality signage for a wide variety of needs. We have completed work for multinational companies, leading Irish retailers, and corporate firms – as well as small and medium sized enterprises. Our attention to detail is second to none. We are Ireland’s leading supplier of bespoke Lightboxes and Illuminated signage and have serviced clients including Aer Lingus, Intel, Google, Hilton, UCD and many others.


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