Researchand development

FJS Joinery Solutions is committed to being the leader in custom made bespoke furniture. As part of this commitment the company is continually investing in sourcing new products, machinery and specialist training.

The management team travel to Europe a number of times each year to large automation manufacturers and trade firms to research new products, machinery and skills coming on stream.

Each year sees the company investing in the most up to date saws, edge banders, beam saws, production line equipment including specialised automated saws, cnc routers, lifting equipment and sprays.
The new equipment has optimisation capabilities leading to an increase in production and a lowering of waste levels throughout the workshop.

The Technology

Here in FJS we use the most up to date software to supply our clients with a visual drawing of their product. The drawings are created from the architect drawings but designed in a more manufactural method. The drawings that are drawn up on Auto Desk Inventor show case the different views of the furniture piece. A 3D Visual is supplied to the Client too give more of an understanding on how their piece will look.

Other software we use in FJS Joinery include Auto Cad and Aspan for our CNC machine.

A new element of engineering drawing is being introduced into Ireland. We at FJS are embracing this new change and our adapting our ways to suit this new feature. With BIM coming more and more popular with Clients. We’re able to supply to our clients a Revit drawing of their building with their furniture located in the correct positions. This gives the client a visual of their whole project before it has even begun.

Here in FJS joinery we are equipped with some of the best technology to accomplish any task given to us. Our joinery is supplied with the high-end CNC machines, beam saw panel saws and spindle molders to support the cutting and shaping of any material.

Our Process


Tenders are received, priced and sent back by our estimation department rapidly.

Project Management

From the get go, our project managing team works hard with every aspect of the project consulting with their team and clients throughout the project phase.


Our design team works with architect’s drawings and client’s specifications to complete approved manufactural drawings for all jobs.


Every furniture piece goes through each element phase to accomplish a high standard of quality.


Our qualified fitter’s install all furniture pieces on site to a high standard turning a construction site into a fully furnished location.


TRADA - Timber Research and Development Association

The Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA) is an internationally recognised centre of excellence on the specification and use of timber and wood products. TRADA is a company limited by guarantee and not-for-profit membership-based organisation. Its position in the industry is unique with a diverse membership encompassing companies and individuals from around the world and across the entire wood supply chain, from producers, merchants and manufacturers, to architects, engineers and end users

FIRA - Furniture Industry Research Association

FIRA International provides a wide range of independent expert services that are not only dedicated to the global furniture supply chain, but also to furniture consumers, and continues safeguarding the industry through managing the Association’s membership activity.

CIF - Construction Industry Federation

CIF is the national and regional representative body for construction industry employers in Ireland. It is recognised by Government and public bodies across the country as the representative body and voice of the construction industry in Ireland and a Social Partner. It has sectorial groups within its structure that ensure that each area of the industry has a voice in the decision-making process within the Federation.

NISO - National Irish Safety Organisation

Their goal is to create the conditions where Irish workplaces are among the safest and healthiest in Europe through the provision of leading information, advisory and training services. They also promote a culture of excellence in workplace health & safety, play a leading role in advancing the national health & safety agenda and help members develop a culture of health and safety in their workplace.